New Products: New Electric Tilt Table


  COINFY New Electric tilt table (start to sell after the middle of Nov 2012)

  The COMFY Electric tilt table has numerous applications in both examination and treatment procedures. As a product it adds diagnostic value in vascular laboratories, for haemodynamic assessments; in general ultrasound departments, for positional scanning. Electric tilt tables are also used extensively in the area of functional rehabilitation for the handicapped and disabled patient where the requirement to stand or be upright is of paramount importance, where it improves the quality of life, assists the natural gravitational functions of the body, re-educates the balance mechanisms affected by long periods of lying and gives a degree of independence.

  If you are interested in it, please contact us freely.

  Huangshan Jinfu Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

  Gary issue it at 6th Nov 2012.

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