Medica 2014 - Coinfy chnage a better booth


We are happy to inform a good news to all partner, which you will visit our booth at Medica 2014.

We change a btter booth at Medica 2014, the new booth No. is "71B06-6".

Thats same hall, but thats better position, you could be earsier to find us.

As you know, Medica always is very difficult to apply a better booth for China company.

Please see find below drawing to know where we are.

/UploadFiles/file/20140806/71B06-6 Huangshan Jinfu-Floor plan.pdf

Exhibition Time: 12 - 15th Nov, 2014.

Venue: Hall 7

Address:Düsseldorf, Germany.

Comfycare Booth No.: 71B06-6

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